Playlist workout blasts fat in under 30 minutes

Friday Fun workout! You can blast fat and work your muscles (especially your abs!) in under 30 minutes with this effective little workout that includes your favorite songs.

Grab your iPod and load 7 of your favorite energetic songs on it — they should be about 4 minutes long and super motivating, because this playlist is going to form the soundtrack of your workout.

Do each circuit below for the length of the song, repeating until the song is ended, and then when the next song starts, move on to the next circuit.

Song 1:
Warm up on elliptical, treadmill, or briskly walk.

Song 2:
10 bodyweight squats
10 pushups
10 Russian twists (each side)
10 second rest

Song 3: 
Reverse lunge, 5 each leg (do all reps on one leg before switching to the other leg)
Plank walks (In plank position, “walk” your hands and feet 5 steps one way and then 5 in the other)
Ab bicycles (10 each side, lying on back, bring knee to opposite elbow)
10 second rest

Song 4:
10 squat thrusts
10 side lunges, alternating sides
10 plank shoulder taps (in the top of a pushup position, tap opposite shoulder with hand, switching sides, keeping hips steady)
10 second rest

Song 5
10 squats to kick each side, switching sides (squat, stand, kick, repeating each side)
10 twisting planks (from plank, to go to a side plank on left side, bringing right hand to ceiling, before returning hand to floor. Alternate sides.)
10 crunches
10 second rest

Song 6
10 jump squats
10 spiderman plank taps (in plank position, bring elbow to knee, alternating sides)
5 inchworms, with moving arms (feet stationary) — from plank position, walk hands back toward your feet, and then back out to plank, like an inchworm
10 second rest

Song 7
Cool down with a walk or get back on the cardio equipment to return your heart rate to normal, and then stretch.

Wendy Watkins

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