Future you will thank you for this.

At the gym we often joke around about “future me” or “future you.” As in, future me is going to be sore because of the workout current me is doing now.

It goes something like this: I have to teach Zumba and BodyFlow Wednesday night. But on Tuesday morning, when I’m doing a leg workout, I can’t think about what those classes are going to feel like on Wednesday night. I can’t let what I’m planning to do impact what I am doing. I have to give it my all in the moment. Present-day Wendy shouldn’t skimp because of any mild (healthy!) muscle soreness future Wendy will endure, as it all compounds to get me to my goal.

Which is really good advice, I think. Except I think it needs to be taken one step further — to beyond the immediate future.

Because the future future you – and the future future me – the one who is walking around six weeks, six months, a year from now – will be enjoying the fruits of all that work, yes?

If weight loss is a goal, present-day you might really want that cookie. But future you is going to be really happy if you forgo it.

If running a 10K or marathon is your goal, present-day you might not feel all that excited about ramping up your runs during chilly fall and winter days. But future you – the one running the race – will be grateful you put in the time.

And taking it out of the gym, if paying off your debts is a goal, current you might want to spend $5 a day on fancy coffee drinks, but future you will be glad you saved that $100-plus a month.

What are you working on today that future you look back on with gratitude?

Wendy Watkins

About Wendy Watkins

Wendy Watkins is a Bangor-based personal trainer, fitness coach, studio owner, and writer/editor. She is the author of The Complete Idiots Guide to Losing 20 Pounds in 2 Months. Visit her website at thrivebangor.com.